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    Material Request

    Request for saliva collection materials

    Principal investigator (PI)

    Project Coordinator


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    5ml COLLECTION TUBES: Used for passive drool. Tubes can be used alone or with straws (below)
    STRAWS: (Each straw to be cut into 3 pieces.1 straw per 3 tubes) Use to ease saliva into 5ml or 2ml tubes
    2ml COLLECTION TUBES: Use alone, with straw or saliva collection device. This tube is good for long term storage
    SALIVA COLLECTION DEVICE: Fits into top of 2ml tube to ease saliva into tube and reduce bubbles
    LABELS(Sold per sheet): Freezer safe. 95 labels per sheet for laser printer. To be used on 2ml and 5ml tubes
    RESEALABLE BAGS(5x8in): Each bag can fit up to 25x5ml tubes or 50x2ml tubes
    RESEALABLE BAGS(9x12in): Each bag can fit up to 5 days tube collection
    SALIVETTE Sarstedt: 51.1534.500 for salivary cortisol
    CHILDREN'S SWAB - To be used with Salivette when collecting saliva from very young children. *Important: SALIVETTE - Sarstedt must be purchased separately to be used with the Children's Swab.

    Once this form has been submitted you will receive a quotation for the materials requested. Please read the conditions on the form and then sign and return it. Only when a signed agreement has been received will the materials be released.