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Infrastructure and security

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Freezer access and monitoring system

Access to the Analysis and Conservation Laboratory is limited to authorized personnel only. The biorepository where biospecimens are stored, are locked. Security service patrols monitor the area and an alarm system is activated outside office hours.

A computerized monitoring system (IMS) continuously verifies the temperature of the freezer and the premises where biospecimens are stored.  Escalation procedures are in place to enable early and corrective action, until the temperature is outside the tolerated mark. The IMS also manages our fire alarm, electrical and ventilation systems. A member of the laboratory is on call 24/7/365. The IMS sends a message to the staff’s pager when the alarm is set off.  This alarm signal is also sent to the monitoring station panel of the hospital’s security department.  Emergency procedures are implemented quickly in the event of equipment or systems failure.

Our samples are stored in a way to ensure sample integrity. Policies and standard operating procedures are in place to ensure the maintenance of high quality biospecimens. Specific methods ensure that samples are stored in a secure manner, in accordance with the standards.

Number of freezers

  • 1 freezer -80 (Model: 990)
  • 3 freezers -20 (Frigidaire, Model: FFU21M7HW)