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The Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS) is dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of Canadians by empowering individuals with scientifically grounded information on the effects of stress on the brain and body.
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Mammoth magazine: Issue 26 – Winter 2023

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Mammoth magazine: Issue 26 – Winter 2023

In this issue:

  • A brief history of stress mindsets: Understanding how our thoughts and beliefs about intelligence can influence our chances of success

  • Researcher profile: Jeremy Jamieson

  • Survey on stress mindset

  • Cognitive reappraisal: A good way to change the way we see things

  • Read, listen, imagine: Modifying stress mindsets 101

  • The fascinating power of the mind: Four scientific findings to know about the effects of mindsets

  • It’s ok not to be ok: Toxic positivity and how to avoid it