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Mammoth Magazine

Number 19 – Summer 2019

  • Stress and sleep : Avoid it from becoming a nightmare!
  • Researcher profile: Dre Julie Carrier
  • When the body’s internal biological clock is not “in sync”!
  • Seasonal depression : a mix of sleep, light and hormones
  • Can poor sleep make us obese?
  • Sleep and pathologies related to stress

Number 18 – Automn 2018

  • Anxiety: normal or abnormal?
  • Researcher profile: Dr. Kieron O’Connor
  • Fear, anxiety and stress…how can we distinguish between them?
  • Performance anxiety in youth
  • When anxiety comes home,testimony of a mother
  • Anxiety: how to recognize it and when do we act upon it?
  • How to fight anxiety? Interview with an expert clinical researcher on the matter

Number 17 – Fall 2017

  • New technologies and mental health : two concepts that are now inseparable
  • Facebook: Stressing or de-stressing effect?
  • Nomophobia » or the fear of being cut-off from the virtual world
  • Mobile applications for the benefit of mental health: ISMART, PsyAssistance, +Fort
  • Researcher profile: Dr Isabelle Ouellet-Morin
  • New technologies… Motivate me to practice sports!
  • Mobile applications to reduce symptoms associated with eating disorders


Number 16 – Winter 2016

  • How to Hunt a Mammoth Without Getting Trampled
  • Deconstructing and Reconstructing Stress
  • Yoga, Meditation and More to Destress: Yes, BUT…
  • Music to Reduce Stress
  • “Psycho-pop” in favor of mental health
  • How to Climb the Everest
  • Tool Box
  • Finding a Psychologist Online

Number 15 – Winter 2015

  • Stress and Addiction: Two Closely Related Phenomena
  • What is Addiction?
  • Gilles’ Testimony
  • Researcher’s Profile:Dr. Stéphane Potvin, Ph.D., Smoking and Mental Health: Are the Odds Stacked in Smokers’ Brain?
  • Do you go for Chocolate when Stressed? This article is for you!
  • Can we become dependant on technology?
  • Do you need help? Here is a list of references at your fingertips!

Number 14- Winter 2014

  • Stress and Perinatality: Being a New Parent in 2014!
  • Where Did the Idea of Writing a Mammoth Magazine Issue on Perinatality Stress Come From?
  • “I Adore Him, But …”
  • Breastfeeding: Stressful or DeStressing?
  • Researcher’s Profile: Malgorzata Miszkurka, Ph.D., The Science of an Immigrant Mom
  • Tailored Resources… Use Them!

Number 13 – Summer 2013

  • Stress and Resilience
  • Resilience: When Hope Becomes Possible for Everyone
  • From Stressed Neurons to Resilient Neighborhoods
  • Researcher’s Profile: Dr. Dante Cicchetti, Ph.D.
  • Protective Factors and Our Resilience Toolbox
  • Why Did the Situation Affect Me this Time?

Number 12 – April 2012

  • Living the Post-Traumatic State from Scientific and Clinical Perspectives
  • Researcher’s Profile: Stéphane Guay, Ph.D. Towards a Better Understanding of the Role Social Support Plays Following a Traumatic Even
  • The Best Treatments for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder with the event, such as guilt, shame and anger.
  • Were You the Victim of a Criminal Act? Here Are Services to Meet Your Needs!
  • Can we Neutralize Traumatic Memories?

Number 11- June 2011

  • An Issue Dedicated to Men. Stress and Men’s Mental Health
  • Researcher’s Profile: Daniel Paquette, Ph.D. The Father: A “Necessary Male” to Teach Children How to Regulate Their Behaviours
  • Substance abuse has phases but does it have a sex?
  • Jean-François’ Story
  • Stress and Distress in Men: Do They Ask for Help?
  • From singular masculine to plural masculinities

Number 10 – March 2011

  • The Stress of Caregivers
  • The Stress and Stigma of Caregiving
  • Researcher’s Profile: Dr. Nicole Ricard. A career devoted to caregivers and to people suffering from mental disorders
  • In Their Own Voice: Caregivers Share Their Experiences
  • Kin’s Family
  • Silent Victims: The Stigma of Mental Illness and the Effects of Stress on Spouses and Children of Individuals Suffering from Major Depression

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Number 9 – January 2011

  • Genetics and Stress: Is There a Link?
  • A researcher’s profile : Dr. Michael J. Meaney. Maternal care and genetics: effects on stress reactivity.
  • Same, not the same! How twin studies can help us better understand stress in humans.
  • Beyon genes: Can stress modify our genes?
  • Does stress make our cells age faster? Telomeres and telomerase.

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Number 8 – April 2010

  • Stress and Wealth: How Our Social Standing Affects Our Health Financial
  • Strain, Stress & Health: The Contribution of Quebec & Canadian Researchers
  • Profile Dr. Jennifer J. McGrath, Ph.D., M.P.H.
  • A Vicious Circle: Socio-Economic Status, Stress, and Allergic
  • Disease Dominating to Better Stress

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Number 7 – October 2009

  • Editorial: Youths… the Keys to Changing MENTAL-ities!
  • Sleep in Adolescents: A Question of Rhythm!
  • Aggression and Peer Victimization in Children
  • What Did Teens Think of the DeStress for Success Program?
  • Experts to the Rescue: Do Youths Really Know What Mental Health Problems Are All About?
  • Breaking the Silence: Stigma as a Barrier to Treatment

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Number 6 – March, 2009

  • Editorial: Sex differences in Stress
  • How do the Brains of Men and Women Differ when Dealing with Stress?
  • Mind-Body Differences in Distress and Stress Reactivity Among the Sexes
  • Ruminate Much? That would Depend on Whether you are a Man or a Woman
  • Sex and Gender Differences and Vulnerability to Stress-Related
  • Disorders Men & Women : Are we useful for each other in times of stress?
  • The Evolution of Sex Differences in Stress and Coping

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Number 5 – September 5, 2008

  • Are your Kids NUTS about School?
  • A Researcher’s Profile : Lyse Turgeon, Ph. D.
  • DeStress for Success Back to School and Beyond Survival Guide
  • How to Recognize Signs of Acute Stress in Children… and in Parents!

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Number 4 – November 20, 2007


Stress at Work:

  • Do Stressful Work Environment Exist, and If So, What Do They Look Like?
  • Psychological Distress at Work : What are the causes?
  • I’m Burnt Out:Can I Be Depressed?
  • A Sidebar on Depression… Why We Burn Out?

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Number 3 – April 17, 2007

  • Young children in daycare: stressed out and less attached to mom?
  • Editorial: on the responsibilities of scientists
  • Stress in daycare: what are the parents’ thoughts on this issue?
  • Scientists setting the records straight : an analysis of the book : ‘The Baby and the Bath Water’
  • Daycare: quality is the cue to prevent stress in our children Cues to look for when choosing a daycare

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Number 2 – November 13, 2006

  • So…..Why a Mammoth?
  • Stress in the golden years
  • Does aging of the brain necessarily mean aging of the mind?

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Number 1 – June 17, 2006

  • The Centre for Studies on Human Stress: A bridge between scientists and the public
  • The ‘De-Stress for Success’ Program – A program designed by scientists of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress, for children and teenagers
  • Stress in children and parents : Are they one and the same?